A true haven of peace connected to the city

The commune of Russin with its authentic village character can claim to occupy a privileged position amid the vineyards and fields of the canton of Geneva. Rustic in every way, this charming locality is full of local grocery shops, bakeries, and wineries all with their own unique and truly rural atmosphere.

Surrounded by forests and a luxuriant nature reserve the “Résidence des Grandes Vignes” stands out as a real haven of peace, yet very well connected to the city-centre and its environs.

The younger children go to primary school in Russin at less than a 5-minute walk from your future apartment. For the older ones, the closest schools are at Satigny or Dardagny.

To get away from daily routine there are wonderful walks to be taken along the unspoilt Vallon of the Allondon river whether just to walk, swim or to discover the nature reserve of the Teppes de Verbois. There is no shortage of opportunities to re-energise oneself and to observe the fauna and flora in all tranquillity.